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Minecraft Review!

Minecraft is a first-person video game in which players can freely move throughout a massive three-dimensional world. Players mine the environment for minerals, which they then use to construct structures. We emphasize Minecraft’s great potential for social connectivity as well as its potential as an educational tool. We recently used this game to help people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This potential was also used to improve mental health, well-being, and resilience. Outside of the game, the nature of this game promotes the cause of prosocial behavior. This game encourages civic engagement; Minecraft collaborated with UN-Habitat to assist communities in developing urban spaces. This could help them design their cities and show planners how similar their cities will look. This program has assisted millions in the development of parks, city squares, and marketplaces, as well as in the development and reshaping of their environments.




Minecraft is a first-person game that features a three-dimensional lego-like world made of small blocks that combine to form compounds. These are mined or reshaped by players to create the landscape. Minecraft, in our opinion, is a globally popular game that provides us with a historical line of a highly social game. Earlier studies focused on the negative effects of gaming; now, they are entirely focused on the positives. Unlike many other games, Minecraft has no specific goals or objectives, giving players the freedom to build their world and explore as they please. By connecting to the servers, players can create alone or in groups. As a result, these techniques frequently assist us in creating fantastic worlds and artworks. According to recent opinions, the game is linked with social outcomes and solely promotes socialization.

Social Game


Those with ASD may struggle with one-on-one social interactions, but they have a strong desire to socialize. Playing this game can help them achieve their goals while also having a socializing effect. It demonstrates the importance of individuals who maintain group membership in improving overall health. This game is more likely to supplement rather than replace group-related activities. For example, it allows disabled people to form social bonds by allowing them to meet members of their group in person. People enjoy making things in Minecraft. Survival mode places us in a random world with nothing to do but build food, shelter, and tools. It is critical to creating items in Minecraft. The issue is that necessary information is not provided, for example, if you cut down trees to get some wood, you will be unsure what to do with it.




In Minecraft, you have complete control over the world. All players share 1×1 blocks containing mountains, valleys, lakes, and clouds, but their arrangement is random. Your goal from the first day is exploration, which includes exploring the terrain around you and creating a mindmap of the natural landscape around you. In the dead of night, monsters, dead-eyed zombies, and skeletons emerge, their AI instructing them to pursue you with zeal. Your skill may be limited to destroying and rebuilding blocks, but you will soon learn how to construct tools from the materials.