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Valheim: Game Review!!

Valheim is a survival game, despite being in early access has somehow managed to attract the attention of millions. The Early Access was made available on February 2nd, 2021, and has already become one of Steam’s top-selling games. The game was developed by a small Swedish team at Iron Gate studios. It has Minecraft-type gameplay while offering a new and broader set of gameplay mechanics in a Viking setting. The game offers RPG elements and an immense open-world with tons of mysteries to be solved.

Reviewed by Lucas Takeya
4 out of 5 stars



As mentioned before, Valheim has unique elements in its gameplay as well as in its overall settings.  Up to nine players can join each other to play this game. The combat seems to be taking direction from action RPGs like Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls while incorporating a building system that allows players to express their creativity and experience a  unique type of freedom. The art and texture of this game are great, you get lost in the diverse and dynamic world of this game which is based on Norse mythological folklore. From the monster-infested woods to the snowy landscape the game offers a beautiful landscape.


The game takes up to nine players to join hands in an epic adventure that awaits them. You build, cook, hunt, and gather suppliers to face the harsh environments in this game like exploring the sea or hiking a snow-capped mountain filled with fearsome creatures that will attack you on sight. As a Viking, the player must be brave enough to ensure their survival at any cost as you take on monsters in the wild. If you play as a team then there are chances that your tier may not increase if one player doesn’t play the game regularly. Instead of many parameters to worry about, the only thing to consider is obtaining food and similar resources in this game. But get this: You won’t die if you don’t eat any food. Instead, your health pool will take a huge hit.

In the beginning, repairing things like gear and building doesn’t cost you anything, it’s all free. The game also gives you a strong progression meter as you progress through the game. New areas are being unlocked, giving you new features and biomes that pose new challenges in the game.


Valheim is a remarkable survival game that can provide you with countless hours of playtime. It eases players into the world with a brilliant design that provides the player with tips and tutorials right after they get into the game. When there is a need to know, a mythological raven flies in to give you information regarding your next objective. Similarly, runestones can also provide you with other tips and tricks. With tedious survival game mechanics being ignored like hunger, thirst, and temperature, you can build whatever your heart desires, from a fortress with a moat to powerful defensive walls. So you don’t have to worry about taking breaks to find food, water,or even new tools for experiencing the beauty of Valheim.

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