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Tekken 7 Review!

Beyond its silly story, Tekken 7 manages to be accessible to anyone with unique customization options to unlock and someone who just wants to mash buttons. It’s a great step forward for the Tekken series. The battles take place in three-dimensional stages where you can move forward, backward, and sideways. Attacks are inspired by Asian martial arts and other fighting systems from around the world, with a focus on strikes rather than the projectiles found in other games. Movement is very specific, and rash jumping or dashing can be hazardous.



This game, like all Tekken games, is about making attacks that can open your opponent’s defense and then landing your attacks or counterattacks on your opponent to provide a high damage combo. It is more difficult to dodge attacks in this game, and the damage output of long combos is reduced, so having a full super hit four combos is more useful than normal attacks. Arena walls are very important because they deal a lot of damage to your opponent. You can take your opponent to a corner and hit a full combo against the wall to have the most impact on your target. When your health bar decreases, your rage activates, allowing you to perform rage moves and rage art. Rage art is an elaborate attack that occurs when the camera shifts in the game, similar to a Street Fighter game. The idea is to present the game realistically while also presenting some real rage arts from around the world.



Tekken 7 includes a mediocre story mode, similar to where you fight in this game. In each fight, you must defeat an opponent or a series of opponents in a few rounds, but if you lose, you must restart the chapter. If you enjoy this game, playing on normal difficulty then this is not a problem, but if you are a casual fan or newcomer, this can be a bit stressful to play and watch. You can also change the difficulty settings, which allows you to perform combos and moves simply by mashing the buttons. This is very simple, but it is not a good way to play a game. This has the potential to ruin the entire Tekken 7 experience. The single-player mode is also a letdown. If you get tired of the story mode, you can switch to arcade mode. Tressure battle is an endless mode in which you compete against various computers to earn various rewards such as clothes, hats, sunglasses, and more.


Cosmetics are changeable and have thousands of fashion pieces to include attack effects, colorful auroras, and tile backgrounds, and Tekken 7 customization does not disappoint because there are lots of choices to enjoy. Multiple pieces can be combined to form costumes with an upper and lower half. While playing online, health bars and items can be personalized and presented in a visually appealing manner. By playing online, you can gain access to a lot of items and features.


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