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Apex Legends is a fast-paced action game that was released in 2019. It’s the only game in which we can launch ourselves into the sky and travel to random locations while dodging bullets. Since its initial release, it has evolved in exciting ways, providing us with a lot of new ways to play this game. It’s the only game that has a trio, duos gameplay mode where you can work together to eliminate enemy squads. This game necessitates versatility, mobility, fast-paced action, and teamwork.

Reviewed by Lucas Takeya
4 out of 5 stars


In Apex Legends, you and your squad are dropped from a spaceship. If you land directly below, your chances of finding good loot are higher, you land to face odds and gather loot to eliminate enemy squads. The game is skill-based, the action is fast, and teamwork is essential for victory. There are 16 playable characters known as legends, each with its own set of abilities. There is a large map to explore, and loot is distributed evenly throughout the game. There are various types of skills, such as Octane’s ability to run quickly and place a jump pad, and Bangalore’s ability to cover an area with smoke and fire missiles at enemies. In this regard, the gameplay is unique. Some skills can be used to counteract the abilities of other characters, which can be a lot of fun. Various maps cover water, lava, snow, and green fields.


There are 16 legends, each of which is a master in its own right. They each have two skills in their arsenal and offer different services. Each legend has a backstory that is published in shortcuts and comics that tells us how they ended up in this game and how they are connected. They also have various skins such as legendary, epic, and others. They can be purchased in a variety of ways. With each new season, there is something new to look forward to, such as new maps, weapons, and possibly a new character, as Season 9 begins with a new character named Valkyrie. She can fly and shoot missiles at enemies. Your teammates can also join you in your ascent. Valkyrie has several advantages, including the ability to see enemies while landing on the ground and a better chance of finding enemies on the map.

Skills and Gameplay

I liked how you could still win a fight against an opponent with better weapons and attachments solely based on your skill. Apex Legends has a fantastic arsenal of futuristic weapons from which to choose and fight. If you prefer long-range combat, snipers are available, as are SMGs, energy weapons, and shotguns in the weapon category. They provide an excellent shooting experience. You can also carry medkits with you to refill your health and revive your teammates. Shields can be used as armor to protect yourself from the damage caused by the bullets. This game provides a large number of opportunities to play and is an exciting fast-paced action-packed game.