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Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world game set in a post-apocalyptic society with a twist that tells us how far we have progressed from the present day. There are robot beasts and future relics, and none of them are friendly. While some may flee when you approach, others may take your presence seriously and attempt to kill you instead. The game immediately places you in the shoes of sarcastic redhead Aloy. Rost, Aloy’s father, raises her. Rost teaches Aloy everything she needs to know, such as how to hunt and be stealthy, while they live far away from civilization. And how she lives in a post-apocalyptic world.



If you’ve ever played an RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn will feel very familiar. Herbs are obtained from the ground for health and supplies. You hunt the creatures with bows, as well as unlimited boars and axes. You also talk to strangers on the road and in towns and assist them with their problems without hesitation. The side missions are also overly repetitive and pointless. In one mission, I gather supplies for a woman’s superpowered gun; I slaughter people to obtain the supplies, and then we become friends. In most cases, you are looking for something for someone, assisting someone in a fight, or searching for a missing person. Aloy is a trustworthy hunting cat for everyone.



Aloy is the orphan in question, who is expelled from the Nora tribe when she is born and now lives with her adopted father, a fellow outcast named Rost. She discovers an ancient piece of technology known as Focus as a young girl, which allows her to analyze the world around her through augmented reality display and communicate with others. Her first mission is to win a proving competition and gain entrance to the Nora Tribe. She will learn about her parents and how this strange world came to be in this way. As she travels the world, she gathers twin reasons for the civilization’s demise and, many years later, the birth of her own. There are current concerns, such as the rise of artificial intelligence and the impact of climate change.


There are stunning canyons, mountains, and open fields to explore. We frequently found ourselves taking photos of the beautiful scenery around us to document it all. The artistry at work here is stunning. Walking through this one-of-a-kind world is enough to make us fall in love with the clouds and rocks. Because of the art direction and the unique dinosaurs roaming the biomes, each area feels distinct. There is a sense of wilderness here, and we may occasionally see humans fighting dinosaurs or robots turning on each other. It’s more than just a game of killing dinosaurs at its core. Instead, it’s the story of a strong woman and how she reclaims, rebuilds, and proves herself worthy of the wild world.