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Rocket League Review!!

Rocket League is a game that is deceptively basic. Accelerating, reversing, jumping, boosting, and power sliding are all ways to control a car. In 1 against. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, or 4 vs. 4 matches against AI or human opponents, the goal is to outscore the opposition side by bumping a gigantic soccer ball into a goal. Psyonix made an excellent decision by include a four-player, split-screen local multiplayer mode for people who want to play with friends in the same room.

During a match, a complex physics engine determines how your car and the ball go. The location and speed with which you hit the ball dictate where it flies and bounces around the enclosed stadium. Consider Rocket League to be a glorified billiards game in which your car serves as the cue.

During a Rocket League match, you can expect to see wild manoeuvres like shooting through the sky to make a last-second save, vaulting over your opponent to smack the ball out of their grasp, or racing up a wall to intercept an errant ball.


Game Modes:

  • Dropshot is the newest game mode, and it requires players to juggle the ball in order to build up force before bouncing or spiking it into the ground. The team with the most lit floor tiles wins the game.
  • Rocket League has a variety of single-player and multiplayer game modes, several of which were added after the game’s initial release.
  • The regular, high-flying soccer-inspired mode, Soccar, is the most popular Rocket League game mode. Snow Day is similar to Soccar, however it is played on an icy field using a less predictable hockey puck instead of a ball.
  • Hoops is a basketball-inspired variation of the game in which enormous, raised basketball hoops with backboards replace the traditional goals.
  • Every ten seconds or so, Rumble, a party-style Soccar mode, provides each player a random power-up that can effect other players or the ball.



Even if it’s just for the mental joy of customising your rocket car, customization is a big component in Rocket League. Different paint treatments, flags, and goofy hats are all cosmetic options for personalising your car. As you play, you gain access to more personalization options, which is always a good reason to come back to a game.

You can also change the conditions of the contest. Most online competitions use Rocket League’s default settings, but if you’re having fun with your pals, you can adjust the game’s gravity, increase or reduce the size of the ball, or even turn the ball into a cube for laughs. As players acclimatise to the new mechanics, the outcomes are frequently a mix of humour and aggravation.