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Resident Evil Village: Review!

Resident Evil Village is a sequel to Resident Evil 7, but it appears to be inspired by Resident Evil 4. Its first game developed for next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This game is known for its outstanding graphics, and the enhanced capabilities of the new consoles can aid in the creation of some spectacular visual scenes. The plot revolves around Ethan Winters and his wife Mia in Eastern Europe when they find themselves in the middle of a cruel situation. After his wife is shot and their baby is kidnapped, Ethan must embark on a journey to take on terrifying-looking monsters and kill their bosses in order to reclaim his daughter.

Reviewed by Lucas Takeya
4.5 out of 5 stars

Visually Stunning Graphics


This is one of the best graphics games ever made, not just in the horror genre, but in general. It’s a lovely game that will linger in your mind for many hours after you’ve finished playing it. From a visual standpoint to the unimaginable puzzles, the game dresses you in various outfits as you set foot in this game to reach your destination in an empty European town. This game plays very well on consoles because it has many unique features and enhanced graphics. Some of the advanced graphics on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S include 4k resolution, Ray tracing, HDR color, and Contrast. The art and texture are exquisitely crafted to create an ideal horror game. The characters’ faces and personalities are seamlessly blended to create some of the most realistic scenes. The indoor lighting also feels good, creating some dark spaces that cover the village’s snow and fog. Because of the visual downgrade, next-generation consoles have an advantage over the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Intense World

The game features a village with every corner and shadow to explore, as well as new changes to keep you up to date. This game contains a wide variety of scenery. From a village where anything can attack from any angle to the tense factory corridors. Each environment offers a unique sense of enjoyment and memories that will last a lifetime. Each encounter with some evil will provide a distinct sense of horror and joy. You must seize every scrap of metal available to ensure that we have enough bullets and medicines. They can also be crafted, but the old-school plant crafting system is no longer available. This game has a lot of puzzles and hidden paths, from locked doors to hidden paths, we must take every clue that may contain some information. The village is set to take its turn by some of the game’s good characters. They will always have something that the fans and community might be interested in. Each character will provide you with a different type of horror, demonstrating that Capcom is doing its job of providing us with a masterpiece.


Some of the best stories in this series have come from the resident evil village. Where Ethan sets foot in the snowy village to find his daughter. There are times when we want to take a breather, from times when we can indulge in some action-packed adventure to times when we must interact with different characters in this game.