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SIMCITY: Review!

SimCity’s release will be remembered as one of the worst in PC gaming history. There are also severe server issues. But when you get to the login screen, you’ll see an incredibly complex and stunning game, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Even though this game contains some of the best features, we don’t get to enjoy it as much as we would like. There are bugs, and some of the flaws are in the design, such as a mandatory always-on feature that makes this game less triumphant.



Guiding a city through its first few hours as mayor is both unique and creative, as well as empowering. In this game, the simulation is also different, in contrast to reality, there is no concept of private property. As a result, the world Is in your hands. If someone has opposing views, you can bulldoze their house and replace it with a sewage outlet. Simcity people are simple people, and because there are so many of them, it is difficult to remember their names, home addresses, world addresses, happiness level, education level, wants, and fears. Such absolute power is derived from tax revenue and the sale of natural resources, and enjoying such power is a fun experiment. . The building tools and UI is very easy to use  and is very polished


Game Mechanics


You can only construct a structure if it is directly attached to a road, and once that is done, the structure is permanently attached to that road. That is, if you build a power plant on a two-lane street and then have to upgrade to a four-lane avenue, you must say goodbye to that government property. When building things, you must keep such design flaws in mind. Why not play on a larger map? There are many premade maps available that are the same size, but their usable space shrinks as geography gets in their way.  Every city is merely a subset of a larger region of between two and sixteen city lots, each of which is inhabited by a player and can be played alone. When the stars align, neighboring cities can share utilities such as power, water, and sewage treatment, as well as services such as police, fire protection, and garbage collection. It’s a good idea for multiplayer city-building, but it just doesn’t work very well.


The concept of city-building isn’t a bad one, but Maxis’ approach to allowing us to play as if we don’t want to is the worst design mistake in a game. Simcity simply forces us to play in an online multiplayer environment. There are also numerous bugs and other issues that have not been addressed in the game guides. The game is similar to an earlier version of Minecraft in some ways. There are some very cool things in this game, and that is enough for us to recommend it to people, but if you dislike the feature of always being online, you should not play this game.